Harry Potter Lego Creations and Designs

With the 7th Harry Potter book out for a while, the 6th movie coming up, and the hundreds of thousands of different spinoffs such as Harry Potter toys and wands, video games, posters, toys, pictures, and much more, it is great to see some artistic Lego creations for the Harry Potter series.

I love different Lego creations, especially ones such as Nintendo Mario Bros., the Lego PC Case found at the Computer Mod collection, and even the Lego Sushi. So it is great to see various combinations created by store bought Lego sets and some additional designs by Harry Potter fans. The following are some neat Harry Potter Lego Creations and Designs that were made by different fans worldwide; these involve different cast members, creativity, music and videos.

I am certain there are many more, and if you came across some amazing ones, please let us know below.

1 Life Sized Lego Sculptures

We love the Harry Potter trio including Harry, Hermoine and Ron, and these great life sized sculptures caught on camera by AbsolutKreations really stand out.

If you had to choose, which of the three would you rather stand on guard in your bedroom?

2 Harry Potter Lego Cast Shows Us How to Dance

With the great choice for music, the Harry Potter cast chosen, and the Lego characters, this dance video is funny and entertaining. The only bummer is that it is kind of short.

3 Hogwarts and Company

All the specially made Harry Potter Hogwarts and company make their presence known in their uniform and facial expressions. Snape still looks evil but was made a little too small, don’t you think?

4 Harry and Company visit Wal-Mart

Harry, Hermoine, Ron and the enormous Hagrid decided to make a Lego stop at a Connecticut Wal-Mart. Found at ThisIsCT, these are wonderful models of the gang we are so familiar with.

Although Hagrid is larger than the rest, he is not even close to his true proportions.

5 Order of the Phoenix Lego Poster

The Order of the Phoenix Lego movie poster from FreakingNews has the beloved Harry Potter transformed into a harmless Lego character.

6 Emma Watson Meets Lego Harry Potter

Who could blame Emma Watson, who plays Hermoine Granger in the films, for being so happy around Lego Harry? The statue is quiet and isn’t flying on the Broomstick out of eyesight. Besides, VirginMedia
mentioned this was during the British Academy Children’s Film and Television Awards, so that also explains that Lego trophy in her hands.

7 Lego Order of the Phoenix Trailer

It is not as long as the original Order of the Phoenix trailer but entertaining nonetheless. With the original voices, sound effects and story, this Lego trailer remake is a cute winner.

8 Harry Potter at Milan

With his broomstick, Mr. Potter does travel a lot. Through Picassa, we could see he has made a short stop at Milan’s airport.

9 Harry Potter Chess Set

The Evil Umbridge was set as the queen in this unofficial lego chess set for Harry Potter at Mocpages. Would you prefer to be on Dumbledore’s side or actually play it as a Deatheater?