Gaming Mouse Nova Slider X 600 Has Indestructible Ceramic Feet

Nova X 600 Gaming Mouse

When it comes to Gaming on a PC, the best accessory you need to have is the gaming mouse. If you were not sure if the Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse would be a good buy, you must also consider this mouse for Gaming on a PC. The all new Nova Slider X 600 has enormous sensitivity of up to 3200 dpi and uses indestructible ceramic super-glide mouse feet which further enhance the speed and precision of the mouse.

The Nova X 600 Mouse has five color options for the lighting and provides you an option to select three mouse profiles. It has eight programmable buttons, and the cord is attached on the side as opposed to the default top like in most Mice out there.

Other notable feature is that the X 600 has a gold-plated USB connector. Nova is also planning to produce and provide a 16.5-inch x 11.5-inch “Over Slide” mouse pad which Nova claims to be the best add-on for the Nova X 600 Mouse. The “Over Slide” promises “zero lag and optimal conditions” for the Gaming Mouse.

EverythingUSB is reporting that the mouse will retail for $99.99.