New Nintendo DSi Has Camera and Music Capabilities

New Nintendo DSi

Nintendo, The Japanese Gaming giant had started production of their Nintendo DS handheld gaming consoles in 2004. It changed the way people play games and revolutionized the whole gaming industry. Two years after, Nintendo updated the DS consoles with some new features and a touchscreen display calling it The Nintendo DS Lite. Now, in 2008, two additional years later, the world saw the Light of Nintendo DS Lite; Nintendo has surprised us yet again with their new, soon to be launched, handheld Gaming Console called the Nintendo DSi.

New Nintendo DSi

Reuters reports that the The Nintendo DSi will hit the UK markets on November 1st and will cost $189 once it hits the Markets. Besides features listed below, a major change was Nintendo’s removal of the Game Boy Advance Slot from the Nintendo DSi making it lose the capability of backward compatiblity with the previous GameBoy Games.

New Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi will have a bigger screen than its predecessor and will be a bit slimmer too. The Screen size of the New DSi is 3.25″ while that of the Nintendo DS was 3.0″. In addition, the new DSi model will be sporting a 0.3MP (640×480) camera as well. We know that it isn’t that good for Nintendo to put a Traditional Camera in their New Product, but this is just the beginning, and we can expect they will follow the suite of cellphones with bigger and smarter Cameras (Smarter as in featuring Auto-Focus, etc.) in the New Nintendo DSi.

New Nintendo DSi

The DSi also has SD memory card slot allowing you to take Photos on the Nintendo handheld to share them on the go with the Nintendo Wii or any other Gadgets that has the SD Slot. This new portable gaming console also sees a few neat Audio Improvements and Enhancements such as: the ability to change the Speed of the Audio Playing on your Handheld. This feature comes in handy when attempting to learn a Foreign language and slowing down the audio to listen closer. Moreover, you can also distort the Music Playing on the DSi and make it go faster at the Same time (Good for the DJs among you).

A great thing about this Nintendo portable gaming console is its Built-in browser. Now you can download games directly on the DSi and keep them using the SD memory.

To compete with the rumored PSN coming to PSP 5.0 Firmware, Nintendo is planning to add a DSi Shop to the Console for direct downloads of DSiWare you purchase online using your Points. The Price categories for the DSiWare are: Free, 200 points, 500 points and 800 points (or Premium). Customers of the Nintendo DSi will get 1000 free points to spend at the DSi Shop which are valid until March 2010; this means you have enough time on your hands to spend them accordingly.

Lastly, the Nintendo DSi will be available in two separate colors at launch time – Black and White.

20 thoughts on “New Nintendo DSi Has Camera and Music Capabilities

  1. x_Nintendo~Addict_x.

    wow! i want to buy that..i only have DS Lite but not DSi !!! i’ll ask my father to buy that…

  2. ash crimson.

    dont buy it the japon is very smart later they gona created another ds and thes ds i think well have a 2 mega pixel or up so be smarrrrrrrrrrrrrt

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  5. me, bender!.

    april 3rd 2009 for UK, and will you be able to go on the web and google etc. and download msn then use it on your dsi?
    and can you put your pictures on your dsi to go on the internet (optinal) or msn? and will we be able to playonline like the xbox 360?

  6. charlotte.

    He he .. chartlotte and sara in ICT… In erith school kent.. whopp whoppp.. ILY..:D LAUREN MARUEL IS A GAY BAG!

  7. Cedrick.

    There is one on the inside, the person who wrote this article just didn’t state that. I also don’t think it said anything about it having the Opera Browser, like the Wii.

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