Calm Silver Digital Frame Design

Digital Picture Frames are simply taking the market by storm. They have become so popular that many homes have one in each room of the house. Instead of having the bulky picture album we grew up with, which the pictures sometimes lose their color, or the pages deteriorate, the digital picture frame is a great alternative.

Since these frames are so popular, there have been many concepts and products created. I myself am not looking for something extraordinary, for I am a simple user that do not want too much flare. This calming silver finish was simple enough for me, and until the Futuristic Digital Window of Information comes out, it may just do the trick.

You could even go all out and Build Your Own Digital Frame or get a small Frame Displaying Weather Info, either way there is a huge amount to choose from.

If you have some weird or crazy one that you think does the job and you could hughly recommend, we would love to hear about it.