Giant Lego Ferrari Model

This Giant Lego Ferrari is one of the most beautiful Lego creations I have ever seen. It combines the beautiful creativity using Lego bricks and with a masterpiece of a vehicle.

We have seen other vehicles inspired Lego art such as the Working Lego Engine or the Fatboy Lego Motorcycle. In addition, we have also seen Ferrari inspirations within the Top Segway Scooter Collection and the Weird Computer Speakers List but this Lego Ferrari is one for the Record Books.

Made using 80,000 Lego Bricks, the Giant Lego Ferrari is simply spectacular. Even the drivers (or replacement) are giant replicas of the Lego figurines we have grown up with.

It may not be as fast or expensive as a real Ferrari, but it doesn’t need to be to gain the respect it deserves.

Via: Geekologie