Michael’s Jackson’s Thriller Remake: 64 Voices A Capella

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is one of the most famous songs ever recorded, and this amazing, spectacular, unbelievable Thriller Remake is a 64 Voice Acapella.

Although the Thriller video always gave me nightmares as a kid, I always continued to watch it all the way to the end. Since then, those nightmares have stopped, but the song is still a total favorite, so it was great to see a completely different Thriller remake.

The Acapella video below shows one man doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller to its entirety using 64 different voices (including some weird singing). For the sake of creativity and entertainment, I hope this is not a fake. Even if it is, I will still give it points for imagination, presentation, and creativity.

It just seems there will always be a thing for the King of Pop. I personally have mentioned Michael Jackson more than a few times before, in the Billy Jean Video Revisited, Michael Jackson Punch Out Video Game, and also a different cool Thriller Remake with Final Fantasy. This video below is another great Michael video, highly deserving.

Via: UniqueDaily