Xbox 360 Streams Netflix Movies in HD

HD Movie Streaming on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users will now be able to stream HD movies from Netflix on their gaming Consoles. Netflix HD streaming service will begin on November 19th this year.

Netflix is a Video Rental-by-Mail company that allows for the live streaming of Movies. They have taken a right step and will be the first to stream HD movies.

The Launch of the HD streaming of Movies coincides with the overhaul of the Xbox 360’s user interface, featuring cartoonish avatars and a revised menu system. At the time of launch, 300 HD movies will be available to stream from Netflix. They have not yet given a word as to which movies will be available for streaming or about the price of the Movies and quality that will be made available to the Xbox 360 users.

This has been called a “soft launch” by Netflix since it is only rolling out such a small number of videos for HD streaming. We now are hearing updates that HD streaming will be made available on all streaming devices once it premieres with the New Xbox Experience. You will be able to stream the HD movies on devices like the Roku, LG, and Samsung boxes, in addition to the Xbox 360. If you want to be able to stream the HD movies, you will need atleast an 8mbps Internet Connection.