Sony PSP with Nintendo SNES Controller

Although the Sony PSP Handheld is a great portable gaming device by itself, it’s fun to see a Nintendo SNES Controller Modification that combines Sony and Nintendo together.

This mod is simple to understand, but would it help a player increase their top score, would they be able to finally beat a certain level, or would the usability be any better? I would still stick with the PSP as it is, even though I love the creative thought. I mean, the thing that makes the PSP so great is its portability with no need for additional accessories.

There are other PSP and Nintendo Controller modifications that seem a little fancier (or practical), such as: The Disco Lights PSP, the NES Controller Coffee Table, and even the PSP External Monitor. All of these including the one above are great mods and deserve the priase for creativity.

Via: GadgetLite