President Barack Obama in Super Obama World Game

President Barack Obama has definitely made appearances in different videos games, but this Super Mario Bros. remake is amazing and you can play Super Obama World as President Obama anytime you wish.

In Super Obama World game from , Barack Obama really cares about the American Flag and not doing it for the money. Some John McCain supporters would believe it was probably made to present Obama better, but c’mon let’s leave the politics outside.

Newly elected president Barack Obama goes on a quest for flags…American Flags in Super Obama World. On his journey through different levels, he encounters pigs that he may stomp, and needs to avoid those that attempt to give him money, clothes or other items. In fact, if he encounters an individual with a big bag of money, he cannot stomp on him, for any interaction will kill off Obama. Anyways, play the game and have fun playing as the newly elected President Barack Obama in this Super Bros. remake.

Super Mario Bros. receive a lot of fan support for remakes and items with such features as the hilarious Super Chuck Norris, Giant Super Mario Enemy Remake and even a Bloody Godfather Scene with Mario but this patriotic game takes the cake…and my vote.