How To Make Edible Gummy Lego Bricks

Instead of almost choking on real lego pieces, would you like to learn how to make actual edible gummy lego bricks?

This Edible Lego Trick is not some extraordinary idea but actually a simple creative way to make gummy candy. Using regular legos, you are able to make the mold for the actual gummy bricks…sounds simple enough.

The great thing I can see this form into is actually making different colors, sized legos, and perhaps building a little Gummy Lego Creation to eventually eat. Kind of like the gingerbread house but made with Gummy legos. Perhaps we could make the other Creations, such as the Lego Sushi Combination and really have an artistic snack.

Man, the choices are simply endless.

Via: Gizmodo Via: Instructables