Original Pac Man Arcade

Pac Man can finally visit your home in his original Arcade game. Instead of simply loading it to a video game console or playing some form of handheld game, you can actually have the Pac Man Arcade in your home to visit the past and beat your records.

The History of Pac Man is revisited over and over again with different designs and concepts of the round yellow guy. There are Pac Man Furniture to profess your love in your living room, and even a Roomba Vacuum Pac Man Hack to eat up your dust like the video game character. The Arcade is the Cherry (what a coincidence) on top.

For those that really want to visit this nostalgic Pac Man game in the correct and perfect way, you can actually get The Authentic Pac-Man® Arcade Game for $3000. They arrive as you would expect, except the coin door is deactivated, so the game will actually be played for free.

Via: GeekAlerts