Airplane Fan USB Gadget

A great USB Gadget shaped like an Airplane and providing a cool fan as you work at your desk; sometimes the simple things really provide the kick, and this Airplane Fan is a great new gadget doing just that.

The Airplane Fan USB Gadget does not need much explanation. It is simply a convenient and miniature desk fan that can be operated by utilizing a USB port instead of a power outlet or external batteries. A cool fit as a Christmas Gift or simply something useful for those working for hours in their office. Besides, it is a great looking design that is fun to have at your desk anyways.

USB Gadgets are so popular and you have one now for everyone and their dog, so this Airplane Fan one is worth nothing. A few additional that will create some interest are the Han Solo USB Flash Drive for the Star wars fans, the Sperm Shaped USB for a few laughs and also the Laptop USB Cooling Pad to provide some extra air for your most prised posession.

Via: 7Gadgets