Gaming and Work Cradle: the Nethrone

The Nethrone does actually look like it could be the Ultimate Gaming and Work Environment.

We have seen different Video games seats and screens, such as a the VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator, the complete Flight Simulator Package, and the Triple Gaming Screen of Acme, but this Gaming Environment from Nethrone kind of takes the cake. I mean…I’m not sure if I would really want to get up from the seat.

The Nethrone is named as a Gaming and Work Environment. As they say, it is “perfect for those who envision the optimum station for serious work and intense play”. Yes, it does look like a great Gaming and Leisure seat, but it provides a little extra pampering.

This Ultimate Environment Chair of Nethrone is more like a cradle. Its reclining seat also vibrates, to grant a little extra gaming sensation when you are flying through the air or participating in that ultimate race. Unlike a few other simulators, it is not as bulky or packed, so it could also be an extremely comfortable work space, which with an adjustable screen and connectivity, could make work time a pleasure. Oh yeah…and it looks pretty damn nice also!

More information can be found at their site, along with customizing options, gallery and contact details.

Via: dText