Remote Control Colorful Lamp from Philips LivingColors

This amazing Remote Control Colorful Lamp from Philips is perhaps the answer that most people seek to improve the ambience of their living/office space. As colorful as this lamp is, it has just four LEDs inside but can produce more than 16 million shades. Each of these 16 million colors can be brightened or dimmed according to your changing moods and preferences.

The Remote Control Lamp can be remote controlled and the 2 red, 1 blue and 1 green LEDs do the magic to completely change the ambience of the space. One could choose any color to suit any mood and at just the push of a button. The Philips LivingColors would definitely appeal to those who believe in light therapy. Even if one is not into alternative therapies, it sure is fun to change the color and tone of your room at your discretion.

The LivingColors Mini allows 256 colors with the option of automatic color changing. Both the models come with options to match the interiors and are facilitated by long lasting high power LEDs. The LivingColors Remote Control lamps are designed to be used in dry environments as opposed to bathrooms and kitchens.

LivingColors Via: GearCrave