Nintendo Mods: Hemp Wiimote and Nunchuck

It isn’t everyday you see Hemp being combined with video games of today, let alone a Nintendo Mods of the Wiimote and Nunchuck created with Hemp.

These great Nintendo Mods from DHRECK are extremely artistic and environmentally friendly as well. In addition, since they are a combination of the true Nintendo counterparts, they are also fully functional and are all created with 100% natural hemp string.

These beautiful Nintedno Creations are definitely something for the Video Games artbooks. Although completely different, they get a spot along with the Giant SNES Controller Mod, the NES Coffee Table and also the Gameboy Platform Shoes.

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Mods: Hemp Wiimote and Nunchuck

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  5. Lindsay.

    It’s really a wonderful! Modder DHRECK has made the Wiimote just a bit more earthy by wrapping it in three different types of hemp string. It is one of the cool USB.


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