Microsoft Geek Clothing Fashion Design

These Microsoft Fashion T Shirts are definitely full of style since the software giant has become so much a part of our lives, and they look pretty cool too – good enough to transcend your everyday geek clothing.

Now that Bill Gates has retired and a recession is in the offing, Microsoft came out with an innovative idea for softwear – strictly fashion folks!

It does seem like the best ideas are right under your nose, and this seems to be true with Microsoft’s new clothing line. It makes sense too – when in crisis, go long! Windows Vista, a widely anticipated product has not done as well as expected and a clothing business linked to a great name like Microsoft appears to makes sense in the wake of an economic recession.

The T-shirts dubbed ‘Softwear by Microsoft’ are a must by since most of us are so used to the OS. These are collectors items just like Geeky Tshirts or the Microsoft Error Tshirts. The new Tshirt collection from the makers of Windows are a collection of geek-wear that most techies will be sporting at the CES later in the year.

Microsoft feels the line of clothing will tickle the nostalgia of when computers were first introduced, and says the Tshirt designs are reminescent of the ’80s. The fashion collection will also feature the DOS days of Microsoft that now is associated with more than a billion people across the world.

Source: TechRadar