Lego Car Engine: Lego Pneumatics in Action

This Lego Car Engine is not like most of the other Lego creations you are awed by for a second and move to the next since it is actually a Pneumatics Engine and is up for sale in two variations.

This new Lego Car Engine created by Nicjasno is a beautiful masterpiece with small engine parts, moves in real time and functions in beautiful harmony. The video below shows this Car Engine in action and like will many other creations, this will awe just the same.

The two Lego Engines currently available are inline-3 and inline-4 with hopes for a V6 and V8 engines to follow. Such detail, such workmanship, and such love created using actual toy Lego Bricks…wow!

As you watch the videos below, you will be amazed, just like the Lego Motorcycle or the Lego Mindstorms Rubik’s Cube Robot.

The Inline-4 Lego Car Engine

The V8 Lego Car Engine

Via: Jalopnik