Tetris Blocks in France

Tetris Blocks bring out the nostalgia in any video game fan. Who could forget those Tetris blocks from the eighties which were a far cry from the violent games we play these days! There really was something charming about these blocks that entertained millions of youngsters a couple of decades ago.

Call it a tribute to the era of Tetris puzzle games, a certain town in France has all its subway stations adorned with Tetris art. Now one might wonder why the denizens would decide not to paint the town red but instead cover it with surreal Tetris art. There has been a wave of Tetris related art inspirations and that includes the Tetris Blocks of Ice and the Tetris Blocks Art in Sydney.

France has always been at the forefront in new art movements and this time around the Tetris art movement might find home in France too. It would be quite interesting to see subway stations near Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde or even near the Montmartre. The way things are going with the Tetris art craze, it really shouldn’t be surprising if Tetris blocks took over Paris, the city of lights.  If the Dadaists and the Cubists could call France their home, why mustn’t Tetris art lovers and proponents call France their home!

Via: NewLaunches