Star Trek Phaser & Communicator Gadgets for Geeks

This Star Trek Phaser and Communicator Geek Gadgets have lights and sound effects just like those used in the original Start Trek series – Where were these when we really needed them, back in the ’80s?

The communicator comes equipped with the metal grill and the spinning moire pattern just like it is used on the Enterprise, while the Type 1 phaser is loaded with lights and sounds. This could be a lot of fun, pretending to be Dr. Spock or even Captain James T. Kirk.

These are the specs in case you’re interested. By the way, these are available as a set for $39.99 from

Star Trek Phaser Gadget features:
4 power settings (with progressively aggressive sounds and lights)
Light control knob (and on/off switch)
Flip up “sight”
Overload setting with “exploding” sounds and light effects
Detachable Type I phaser – still with full lights and sound!
Uses 3 LR44/AG13 batteries (included)

Star Trek Communicator Gadget features:
Full-size replica with lights and sounds straight from the TV show.
Moving moire pattern.
Awesome “Hailing Function” – press a button, close the grill, and 5 seconds later the Enterprise will be calling.
Flip open metal grill.
Over 20 sound effects and phrases, including “Spock here, Captain.”“Scotty here, Captain.”“Transporter room ready to beam up.” – and more!
Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)