Super Mario Galaxy Cake

The Super Mario Galaxy Cake is a truly amazing gaming cake. It would also be the ideal cake for zillions of kids and adults who grew up on the popular Super Mario theme.

Yes, parts of this cake can be eaten, but not all of it. The non-edible parts include moving and spinning parts and a lot of other detail that is typical of the Super Mario genre.

This is not just an ordinary cake folks. You have to make it to believe it. And what you put on it is all up to you. If you remember your Super Mario-playing years, you would know that there are so many levels on which to build this cake upon. If in cakes you’re interested, you can find some tips here – castles, the round world and the works.

Oh, and if you make it right, you get to eat some of it as well. This Galaxy Cake consisted of 7 batches of Rice Krispies and 7 cakes and about 60 percent of it was edible – those would be the parts that go on top like the round planet (cake), the castle (cake), the silver disc (cake), castle towers (Rice Krispies), and pill planet (Rice Krispies).

By the way, this is what the Galaxy Cake looks like AFTER (it’s eaten).

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