Portable Nintendo 64 Mod

If you are into gaming and modding at the same time, you would just love the Nintendo 64 Portable version by SifuF. SifuF happens to be a follower of the famed modding expert Ben Heck and has shown his prowess in the art of modding, just like his master.

Now we all know that Nintendo has created some of the best consoles and that they have given rise to cooler handhelds. However, SifuF’s mod takes the Nintendo console one step ahead and makes it the sleekest portable N64 one has ever seen. The handheld mod comes with all the features you would see on a N64 and even looks better than the original. It has all the standard buttons, a display of five inches and the cartridge slot is mercifully non obtrusive.

However, if you are planning for an internal battery, it wouldn’t happen here for the handheld is too small in size for a battery to be inserted. You would need to use an external info lithium power supply to get the handheld running. If you are interested in more mods, you could try the Lego NES mod or the Nintendo Wiimote Mod of Hemp. If you crave for more mods, do take a look at the PC Mods.

Nevertheless, the N64 mod is definitely usable and is a cheap price to pay, considering how expensive handhelds sold by the big companies really are. Moreover, Ben Heck’s disciple SifuF has proven that he could be a match to his master and gamers could eagerly for his future mods, which I am sure will be top notch.

Via: Joystiq

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