Nintendo Famicom Mod with Sony Digital Camera

If you ever wondered what it was like to create a gaming Frankenstein, you would most probably take a Nintendo Famicom and a Sony Digital Camera. Now it would be imperious to ask if there would be any difference between the Famicoms sold in Japan, Europe, and North America, but the modder has not specified which version he used to create the Famicam mod. Goteking had recently created the DS Lite mod as well and was written about all over the blogosphere.


Now his latest mod will create a similar buzz and that too about a mod, which looks strangely attractive, and functional. The Nintendo Famicom and the Sony Digital Camera mod will only help him gain a cult status Online and in the gaming world. However, it is not quite sure how the “Famicam” could be used. The Famicom certainly had a different design in the U.S. when released and modding a European or a Japanese version will surely have different results.


The combination of Famicom and the Sony Digital Camera reminds me of the Portable Nintendo 64 Mod which is almost out of this world. On the other hand, the Nintendo Punch Out Game Remake would be a great way to spend a boring afternoon without getting frustrated with the slow pace of winning against virtual competitors. Alternatively, if you are tired of all the Nintendo mods, you could just lose yourself in the Geeky Lego NES Mod which has a charm of its own. Nonetheless, the Famicam must be a great way to spend time and try out new ways to use the Famicom and using it with other products.


Via: Geekothon