Cool Mind Flex Gadget

Mattel’s cool new Mind Flex gadget toy makes your child or you do the unbelievable: Move an object using one’s mind. In short, the toy seems to test the player’s telekinetic powers. Well, saying so would be too far fetched but what the toy actually does is, it asks the person to concentrate hard enough to run a fan. The fan enables a ball to move through hoops. You could test the time taken and compare the time with your friends’.

The Mind Flex toy will cost $80 and shall be available sometime this year. If mind games do not appeal to you, you could try checking out the tiny but macho Hovercraft Gadget, which is definitely for guys who like toys with substance.

If you are the kind that likes something less geeky, you could try the Automatic Heavy Blaster, which would appeal to Nerf fans. Nevertheless, Mattel’s Mind Flex toy certainly looks like a game kids would love, at least to brag about their supposed supernatural abilities.

Via: PlaySavvy