PS3 2.60 Firmware Update Cool Features

For those of us who have been waiting for the next PS3 firmware, the v2.60 comes at the right time and that too with cool new features. The PS3 firmware v2.60 comes with enhanced media capabilities and users would notice the interesting Photo Gallery application. Though there are many such software to be downloaded, in order to organize and view images, this app allows PS3 users to organize their images based on various criteria.

These criteria include technical specifications of the camera, date, time, event, and also personal criteria such as age, name or relationship. Slideshows with great music can be created for the viewer’s feel good factor. However, the Photo Gallery is optional and can be canceled during installation. Users of other consoles may try PS3 with the new guest access being provided to the PlayStation Store. PS3 will also be able to play videos in DivX 3.11 format.

There also seems to be a PSP firmware update, which shall be released soon. The PSP v5.03 update was announced by Eric Lempel and is expected to ameliorate system software stability. We earlier had featured the PS3 Firmware Updates v2.53 and v2.50 & PSP v5.0. The latest PS3 Firmware update v2.60 can be downloaded here. You could also check out the video where you could witness the goodies v2.60 has in store for you.

Via: Playstation