Nintendo NES Wiimote Mod

What if someone modded an original Nintendo NES Controller and a Wiimote? Would that be fun or hopeless?

The old Nintendo NES controller is still one of my favorite from all the gaming consoles of past and present. It was as simple as can be, it seemed to respond to the amount of pressure you submitted (when you want a character to jump higher…just press down harder), and it’s still a great looking oldie. Well, David Dearden shares this and wanted to be able to use the original controller on the Nintendo Wii console, so they used a Wii Remote and modded it.

The final functional combination is not presented in the video but the actual work entailed in such a project. I for one would love to try out some games using this new Nintendo Wii NES Controller Mod. It seems as nostalgic as can be. It may be completely different avenue then the Hemp Wiimote Mod and has a lot happier ending (hopefully) then the Wiimote LCD incident but is up there with creative mods like the Lego NES Mod.