The Wristwatch Bracelet Cellphone Gadget

Nicolas Nicolaou has designed the Bracelet Cellphone Gadget, which is a wristwatch and a cellphone at the same time. Of course, we have heard about a number of watches that also function as cellphones but they usually look ‘uncool’. However, Nicolas’ Bracelet Cell Phone looks stylish, elegant, and fit for runway models in Milan or Dusseldorf.

The device comes with voice recognition technology, touch screen and a built-in camera. Though not outstanding technically, the gadget looks drool-worthy. In fact, this would be the best watch to wear at a cool nightclub and you would not have to worry about losing the cellphone too, for it would be strapped safely around your wrist.

Other stylish cellphones, which we have featured earlier includes the LG Prada Cellphone, which also comes with a matching Bluetooth watch. The LG Cellphone Concept we featured a couple of months ago is quite stylish too! Meanwhile, we hope Nicolas gets a good deal to get the Bracelet Cell Phone be manufactured.

Via: Tuvie