Atari Flashback Neon Lamp

These cool lamps really give a cool retro Atari flashback in two different neon lamp designs that will surely make the kids from the 80’s scream out and cry, but with tears of joy.

As we all remember the wonderful Atari with all its cheesiness, amateur graphics and classic video games, it still had a wonderful impact on many of us. This Atari flashback not only visits the actual gaming console with the two separate designs of the Atari joystick and Space Invaders Game, but it is brightly lit in a nostalgic neon lamp that is cheesy in itself…but totally awesome.

Both lamps are USB powered, so it does not even ask you to get up from your computer to plug them in. Simply light up your office with an 80’s style and be proud you love these oldies but goodies.

Via: NerdApproved