Roll Up Keyboard with Four Octaves

If you always wanted to give surprise musical performances wherever you travel, you could just go ahead and buy the Four Octave Roll Up Keyboard. The keyboard is the world’s most portable and can even be stashed in a small handbag. With about 49 keys, this electric piano could very well turn a maestro overnight, anywhere. You can use up to 10 keys at a time and the keys are so sensitive that all you need to do is just linger your fingers slightly over the keys.

You can go ahead and connect this portable electric keyboard to an amplifier or headphones and you would have the best musical experience ever. The gadget comes with a learn-and-follow method, can record and playback up to 50 notes at one go and also looks sleek and stylish.

The Four Octave Roll Up Keyboard costs $59.99 and is worth every dollar spent on it; Chopin would certainly be turning in his grave. We also had featured the Play Piano Keyboard which could be an interesting software, if you are considering playing a piano or a keyboard online using your computer.