Cross Stitch Quilt Pattern of Pacman Characters

I am not a crafts kind of paerson, but when you present amazing stitch art designs with video games in mind, I can’t help but love it anyways, and so is the case with this Pacman pattern for a beautiful cross stitch quilt.

This great cross stitch pattern from shows the different Pacman characters and items, such as the Blue Ghosts and also the tasty cherry and strawberry icons in a great and colorful quilt design. Of course the pattern can be used for other items besides the quilt, but based on previous stitch art we seen…it seems a quilt may be just the right thing for such a size.

If Pacman does not strike a chord with you and other video games are more to your liking, then check out the Donkey Kong cross stitch quilt, the Legend of Zelda Map or the Space Invaders game stitch art.

Image: Johloh Flickr