Steampunk Fashion Desktop Mods

Wonders of creative heads need no introduction with Stempunk Fashion, for they always manage to leave behind mind-boggling stuff which sometimes goes unnoticed or reach the podium of fame.

Deja 2.0 was on the better side of the line. It’s a Steampunk PC Mod by Mr. Red which bagged the first position in NVIDIA and Mark’s co-organized SPEAK VISUALS competition. The wooden attire adds to its glamor quotient with high-end configuration here. The unit is an assembled one-piece structure bringing together the monitor, the CPU and the keyboard.

I was pretty much tired of seeing extra-engineered muscular computer designs so this art PC mod turned out to be a sight for sore eyes. If such Mods interest you more than anything else, check the list of Desktop Mods we featured earlier.

Via Unplggd

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