Mona Lisa Painting You Can Sit On

Kwang Hoo Lee is a Korean designer who has sparked off protests among those who value art history. His Mona Painting chair has a beautiful illustration of Mona Lisa on the seat of the chair.

Most people, who have grown up learning the history behind Mona Lisa and other Leonardo Da Vinci drawings, would not like the idea of sitting upon a replica of the beautiful work of art. Funnily, you can choose to hang this chair on the wall when it is not in use. He also has designed the Peg Chair which can be used to secure coats and jackets at the back.

If functionality is your priority, Lee’s designs certainly are exceptional, but sitting on the face of Mona Lisa may not sound too great an idea for many people. This is not the first time when the industry has met with Mona Lisa. We had earlier featured Lego Mona Lisa and also Leonardo da Vinci Paintings on the iPhone.

Via: DesignBoom