Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Light Gadget

The new Rubik’s Cube puzzle come as a light gadget called the Rubik’s TouchCube and probably hopes to bring the ever so popular puzzle game to a new and digital world.

The TouchCube is a spin off on the original Rubik’s cube but keeps the game intact. The differences in this new version is the new touchscreen lights that accompany throughout your minutes, hours, and days of frustration trying to solve the puzzle. As you would rotate and move around the regular Rubik’s, so is this new gadget supposed to work…but it leaves me wondering about the actual user interface and actual usability.

This new Rubik’s Cube also mentions being able to provide an actual sound hint when you are troubled. The thing is, no matter how hard you may wish, the stickers could not be taken off to bring the old-school way of solving the Rubik’s Cube into play.