Terminator Theme Gadgets

Now that the Terminator Salvation is set to be released in May worldwide, lots of merchandise has already started to pop up. Take for example the Terminator Salvation toy. The toy makers claim the toy fist can shoot stuff to hurt your opponents. At about $74, the toy fist is certainly expensive and the pain you would give your opponent would be directly proportional to the pain you suffer while paying for this toy.

If the fist isn’t enough for you to dream about the movie until it is released in May, you can also try the evil looking Terminator Helmet which costs $74. The helmet also comes with voice changing capabilities and has gleaming red eyes. You could also buy the $21 metal-like straps which you could wear around your face to make the journey of looking like Terminator a little more authentic.

You could also check out some more Terminator gadgets we have featured earlier like the Terminator Bear and the Terminator Bike. I definitely must commend these manufacturers who seem to understand the vanity of youngsters who would give anything to get gadgets inspired by their favorite games and movies.

Via: Geekologie