Geeky Guitar Hero Controller Tattoo

I know that Guitar Hero is one of the most popular video games ever, but this geeky guitar hero controller tattoo takes being a fan to a completely different level.

I must admit that I haven’t played Guitar Hero too many times and cannot seem to have the patience to spend hours upon hours to get the coordination right for the game. Maybe I should get a tattoo like this one, so I have the controller buttons in front of me at all times and can really practice the right location for each button, the fingers placement and always have the Guitar Hero controller with me at ALL possible times.

Still, this kind of move really shows loyalty to a game and hopefully they also play really good and achieve high scores. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any record breaking videos from them, and the tattoo cannot be stored away so easily as the game can.

My hat’s off for the imagination and will to go through with such a geeky tattoo, and thanks again for the image!