Space Invaders Game Pixel Cookies

Are you a Space Invaders fan? Do you enjoy messing around in the kitchen and baking some nifty art? then how cool would it be to make your own Space Invaders game cookies which look just like those cool little aliens we remember?

This great imagery shows how cool Space Invaders cookies were made, and which did not stir away from the pixel art we are so familiar with. Although it shows the colors of green and beige (white or whatever) being used for the old school aliens, I’m certain many can come up with so many differnet variations and may also come up with different characters to remake.

Although I don’t know how these little green aliens taste, that is also something I know many would change to their preference and taste. I’m just really enjoying the look of these pixel cookies, their retro pixel art, and the sweet tribute they grant the Space Invaders.

Via: FoodProof