Star Wars Imperial March with Tesla Coil

If electric performances were what you were looking for, all you would need to do is make them literally happen! One of the most bizarre cases I have ever heard, the guys at ArcAttack have created what they call the Singing Tesla Coil. Now we all know the spectacular visual treat Tesla coils offer and how magnificent they look when they come alive. However, making music using the Tesla coils is something that couldn’t easily be dreamed. Well, only till now. The guys even performed John William’s The Imperial March, much like an ode to the Star Wars. The ArcAttack seems to be planning to launch their Tesla enabled offensives across Texas and many more live performances are expected. If you were looking for some more Tesla Coil inspired strangeness, do check out the Tesla Coils Burglar Alarm and Star Wars 1977 Theme with Arduino we have featured earlier. I am sure these are enough to electrify your boring life, without a doubt.

Via Blog.Wired