Sleeping Bag Man Suit


Winter is still not over and the spring is not going to be any warm either and hence, Selk Sleeping Bags should be a great way to stay warm. Selk Sleeping Bags are the stuff that most cubs and scout camps were made of. You may perhaps remember the good old days when you were a kid and stayed warm in brightly colored sleeping bags when you went camping with your friends.

Well, the Selk Sleeping Bags provide you with a nostalgic way of staying warm and they look rather cozy and comfortable too! Selk Bags are usually made of durable nylon taffeta and come with leg vents and reinforced nylon soles. Reversible zippers make sure you avoid any kind of unpleasant situations and they come in different colors including black, brown, red, green, yellow and white.

They also have a soft inner lining which keeps you snug as a flea. Get yourself a sleeping bag especially if you are hitch hiking across the country or in the mountains. Since these sleeping bags are made of the best quality fabric, they also protect you from developing frost bites and hypothermia, if you are exposed to extreme weather conditions. If you find cold unbearble, you must try the USB Heated Gloves and USB Heating Shoes too!

Via: SwissMiss