Fossils of Personal Video Games


Modern Fossils are a parody on the extremely short product lifecycles when it comes to personal electronics. We have seen goods that don’t even last for a couple of seasons and a newer and more advanced technology takes over the previous product, virtually making the previous product go ‘extinct’.

Christopher Locke is an artist who has created these modern fossils using concrete molds and a technique that mimics true fossils. He has depicted the way Sony Walkman going extinct after the arrival of the iPod and uses Latin names to comically depict the products’ extinction in a pseudo-scientific manner. Ambulephebus sonysymphonia is wiped out from the face of the planet after the sudden appearance of the Egosiliqua Malusymphonicus at the turn of the millennium.


The usage of these Latin terms to describe the products adds to the parody of changing product life cycles. Nowhere is the product life as short as in the gaming world. NES controllers, consoles, all go extinct rather unceremoniously when a newer and better product arrives with superior technology. Christopher depicts the NES controllers lying dead side by side and even what is being touted as a fossilized PlayStation controller.

Though funny and comical, the fossilized gaming gadgets and other electronic goods reveal the speed at which humans are developing newer technologies that replace older ones just like evolved species replaced older ones. If reading about all these fossilized gadgets inspired you to check out some creatures from the Jurassic era, I suggest you read about the Creepy Machine Artwork and also the T-Rex RC Gadget.

Via: Gizmodo