Video Game Characters in the Periodic Table of Elements


I wasn’t much of a Science buff in Elementary School, Middle School, High School or any time after either, but after I see this periodic table of elements, I think that I can blame the system for that and not my lack of interest.

Why couldn’t the school system come up with a more entertaining way to teach us the different elements and speak in our language, instead of just making us attempt to learn as many as we could be heart? By exchanging the regular elements with characters that we may be familiar with, with have a better undertsanding and more of a chance of retaining the information. This actually works with remembering everything: addresses, phone number and individual names.

The only thing about this element table is that not all characters and elements make sense just from first look (click on image or here to enlarge), so that could cause a little stall of information delivery. Still…a lot of them are easy to figure out and also…the colors, oh how remarkable. By the way, I see the different cartoon characters as well, and if you really take a minute before you start pointing fingers, you may recall many of them making an appearance on video games as well.

Got you to learn your elements, didn’t it.

[Click on Image or here to Enlarge]

Via: IHeartChaos