A Clockwork Orange Vinyl Alex Doll


If you had been impressed with the storyline of A Clockwork Orange, you would remember the journey of Alex from being a street punk who was jailed for anti social activities to the days when he is forcefully turned in to a ‘moral, law abiding citizen’ who is more of a zombie. The movie spoke of what aversion therapies could do with people’s minds and how an unwilling person could be made to think in a certain way, but the person will no longer have free will.


An artist on Flickr (Thanks Avatar666 for the images!) has created beautiful vinyl dolls inspired by Alex’ character. The dolls may not look exactly like the original character but they do look similar to Alex’s character in “A Clockwork Orange”. The dolls are of great significance today as crime is dramatically increasing and the penalties for criminals are equally inhuman.


The doll’s painted blue eyes and weapon wielding hands look more like they are from an Anime title than from a 70s movie. Nevertheless, the dolls look cute and interesting. If you were looking for other dolls influenced by mass culture, you could try the Star Wars Jedi Puki Doll. However, the Wolverine Blow-up Toy should be greater fun to check out!