Gaming 3D Toad Pencil Holder

3D Toad Pencil Holder


You remember little Toad from Super Mario Brothers? Well, he has got a heck of a makeover and was made into a cool 3D pencil holder…beats 8Bit doesn’t it?

I recall Toad as just another character on Super Mario, but he seemed to have gotten a promotion on Super Mario Kart. Since then, I haven’t seen the little character too much, so this new 3D version is pretty refreshing.

Eric Pautz, who also designed the Rubik’s Cube Light Lamp is at it again with a beautiful design worth the mention. It is cute, colorful, and definitely makes as a great practical Super Mario collectible. Unfortunately it seems to be just a design and we can only hope it really gets made.


Via: WiiNoob


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