Geek Culture LED Light Artwork Made with Sheep

LED Light Artwork Made with Sheep


The video below shows an amazing light show with LED’s that were fitted on a herd of sheep and managed to bring to life the classic Pong game, the famous Mona Lisa, and a Fireworks display. Don’t believe it? Just watch the video below.

Some animal activists may have a fit once they see this amazing video. The sheep were pawns in a wonderful and well managed organization that placed many LED’s on each sheep and along with the team’s instructions, were able to create a well lit demonstration. The dogs answered orders, drove the sheep where needed, and from afar, you can see the Pong Game played with sheep running back and forth. Moreover, the art masterpiece Mona Lisa painting was resurrected and also sheep Fireworks show that will definitely put a smile on your face.

As mentioned before, you really have to watch it to believe it.


Via: Urlesque

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