Mona Lisa Painting Made with Burger Grease


What do burgers and the Mona Lisa painting have in common? Well, a lot apparently as shown by the following artist. The artist used dozens of burgers and used the grease oozing out of these hamburgers to draw Mona Lisa on a larger than life canvas. In what appears to be a short time, the artist goes around rubbing the canvas with burgers and deftly drawing a smiling portrait while a dog walks by to eat all the art-leftovers in this cool video below.

The artist seems to prove two things here, one that of art being able to be created by almost anything and the amount of grease we consume while eating hamburgers. This art would not only please art lovers but is a comical take on the unhealthy food people consume in great quantities when they visit fast food joints like Mac Donald’s and Burger King.

In my opinion, this is a unique occasion where burgers, Mona Lisa and nutritional education meet and create an atmosphere in which people learn to appreciate art, learn how greasy those burgers are and also have a nice time appreciating a smiling Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa seems to have inspired a number of artists to recreate her on the canvas in the most creative ways. Here is another creative and ingenious Mona Lisa Painting with Paintballs.

Via: BlameItOnTheVoices