Breakfast Alarm Clock Feeds You In Bed


French designer De Dietrich has designed the Wake Up Alarm Clock, which also makes your breakfast apart from waking sleepyheads up. One would no longer have to worry about getting up and walking up to the kitchen to make some coffee and sandwich in a bleary eyed state. The Wake Up Alarm clock comes with the unique feature which might just be a crude way of having a fake robot wake you up every morning and serve you with breakfast.

All you would need to do is set the alarm and it wakes you up with the breakfast you choose to have. You could have toast, water, juice or a cup of steaming tea. This seems like the panacea for the age old problem of not being able to wake up ion time, and making breakfast quick enough to reach on time where you have to.


However, it is still in the conceptual stage and I am really not sure when it will hit the market, which is quite a dampener. If being served breakfast seems like a very lazy activity, try the Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock, which makes sure you do not put on any extra weight. If you are a person who camps in the great outdoors often, do try the Cook Lite Gadget which is quite a deal too, if you want to simplify your life.

Via: Hometone