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Photoshopped Tie Design


If artists were to be asked a question about which tool has made their lives easier than hell, it would unanimously be Photoshop. In honor of this great software, here is the cool and funny Photoshop Tie. The tie consists of all the icons you would find in the image software Tool library. The tie is narrow and thin; probably to make sure the tools are highlighted and not lost in a thick and bulky tie, which are not cool anyway.

Perhaps you would not be able to wear this to the office but it would be quite fun to wear the Photoshop Tie when you are hanging out with your friends. This image software has inspired and helped fashion designers to create and design couture that are artistically and technically more advanced than the designs created by previous fashion designers who had not used this awesome tool.

Maybe in future, we shall see a better and improvised software than the Adobe Photoshop, but for the moment, it is the king and the tie just is an ode to this wonderful software. We had recently featured the Photoshop Evolution which shows how the cool software evolved over the years. The Online Photoshop Alternative is another tool you may be interested in, if you are in to image editing.

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