Watchmen Movie Bearbrick


With the new Watchmen movie out, the characters are remade in many different ways, and you know what? I love it!

This brand new remake of the Watchmen “look” of characters within the ultimate BearbrickWM is pretty damn cool. On the one hand, it is evil, bloody and bright, and on the other hand it is a simple, harmless bear. Well, bears do not always have to be harmless, but it is still a toy, so it cannot do anything to you…or can it?

The colorful style is shown brightly in the Bearbrick along with the “Watchmen Logo” and slogan: “The End is Nigh”, and we can only hope actual individual bear toys of each single Watchmen character is being made. That would definitely make both geeks and fans happy as an additional collectible item to spend their money on.

We have seen some other cool combination that range from the Watchmen Lego figures to the Terminator Bear. Both show the remade character in a different fashion and play off the innocence of the bear with a violent or edgy style and design.