Bloody Dexter iPhone


For the uninitiated, there is going to be a blood thirsty game inspired by the Showtime serial killer drama Dexter and it promises to be one helluva game filled with blood and gore. While the game features stealth tactics, puzzle solving and of course slashing, the game will be exclusively released for the iPhone in Summer 2009.


With that in mind, here are some Dexter branded iPhone cases which look rather gory to me. These cases are manufactured by Speck and the hard-shell cases themselves are packed in cardboard boxes with blood splattered foam cushioning them.


It is not clear if these visually striking cases would ever be made publicly available and hence, there is no information about the prices. Perhaps, these cases are made just for Dexter, who will keep his homicidal tendencies in check while he eliminates other serial killers.


Blood has always inspired art and these days, it seems to inspire strange designs for gadgets as well. If you are curious to check out more products whose USP centers around sanguine pursuits, you must try the Blood Bath Mat. Blood Pillow could be a scary reminder of the killing spree in the neighborhood, where victims’ throats are slit while they are fast asleep.

dexter-iphone-5Via: Destructoid