Tetris Bricks Controller of TV Arcade Game


Even amid extra-engineered, hyper-graphic laden stuff, sometimes turning back to classic games feels good. The Tetris Bricks controller of a TV arcade game is here to render the wholesome experience of playing Tetris on your TV in the retro way.

It gives you five game options of Standard, Clear, Timed, Hot Line and Battle Tetris. Nobody has to really think of their age to pull these out and get soaked into hours of Tetris madness either alone or with  a contender with twin handsets. It boasts of unique Tetrimo controller and has five different game modes of Family, Race, Marathon, Dig and Versus.

Amazon gives you a choice of availability, so you can take your pick.

For more Tetris-centric Goodies, check out the Classic Tetris Machine and the Tetris Tie allowing you enjoy the all-time famous NES game in a conventional way, this cool looking controller TV arcade game is a neat gadget  for nostalgic  gamers.