12 April Fools Day Pranks and Gadgets


It is April Fool’s Day again, and the best defense against being pranked is to be the instigator and prankster yourself. Last year we gathered 10 Office and Computer pranks for April Fool’s Day, and this time around we are visiting some fun gadgets and hacks.

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We noticed that we really have a good time here at Walyou, and even though there is only one official day for it during the year, we provided a number of different jokes, tricks, and funny gadgets throughout. Right here we put the top pranks together, so instead of having to look for them, they are in one place. We do admit that some are gadgets which means they would not be available for you today, but at least it gives you a head start for 365 days from now.

If you have some of your own ideas…we would be happy to hear about them.

1. Annoy-A-Tron PrankGadget


This cool gadget is extremely portable and can be hidden easily, so the victim would not find it. Meanwhile, it provides 6 different sounds at various intervals, which repeatedly bug your chosen prey and is an ultimate prank.

2. USB Drive Computer Prank


With this fun flash drive, you can drive your coworkers insane. Just think about it! You can insert the flash drive behind their computer and set the prank to CapsLock On/Off (toggle), random words typing, and also random mouse movements. You can be at a safe distance with your hands already washed cleaned and just watch your coworker going crazy. Make sure not to eat the popcorn right in front of them as you watch them trying to figure out the mishap.

3. Hitman Electric Gadget


Tommy the Hitman loves his job. You simply hide him in a cabinet, drawer, or other quiet area, and as soon as he senses movement…he shoots off his tommy gun. Besides, he is dressed the part, and a little noise for a quiet office wouldn’t hurt anyone.

4. Ugliest Facebook Profile Picture


With practically everyone and their pets on Facebook at the moment, this is not a difficult prank to play. This is a link to give your Facebook friends, so when they log in to check out the so-called “Ugliest Facebook Picture”…it is in fact them looking right back. This one is so simple, it can played on April Fool’s Day and every single day of the year.

5. Blue Screen of Death Prank


The Blue Screen of Death is frustrating as it is, so this fun gadget definitely makes geeks and others go nuts. This fun prank allows the predator to set a certain time, or keystroke, which will turn the BSOD on. Without knowing what they have done wrong, the innocent victim could curse, try to rework their steps and not realize they have been had.

6. Blood Pillow


Don’t try this one on the weak hearted! This is a pillow design that in some images looks too damn real. It simply presents the person sleeping as if they have been shot in the head and are having major blood loss.


As funny as this could be, it could also bring someone into shock…especially a loving mother, so please use cautiously.

7. Blood Bath Mat


The Blood Bath at sounds like a 70’s horror flick title, but is simply a bath mat with bloody footprints design. Leave it laying around next to your shower and watch as your mother comes in, sees it, and immediately runs out of the house in fear.

8. Calculator Prank Hack


This calculator prank hack lets you record different sounds, words or phrases and transfer them to a calculator. With this April Fool’s Day prank you can make sure you scare your coworkers in the office as they are trying to get all the accounting calculations done with.

9. How To Build a Mini Electric Shocker


Shock your family and friends with an old school electric shocker…diy style. You can build your own electric shocker, which also means it could be a tad dangerous, but if done properly…you can shock people into listening to you with every handshake.

10 and 11. Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea


The two prank gadgets we have hear do not just annoy the victim this April Fool’s Day but actually can make them sick and nauseated.


The Mind Molester annoys with its piercing sound, while the Sonic Nausea can actually cause headaches, vomiting and serious nausea.

12. Super Pii Pii Brothers


This Wii game was an April Fool’s Day from ThinkGeek which demonstrates a video for a Wii Game where you attach the Wiimote to a jockstrap. In the game, you have to pee in the toilet without getting it all over the seat in order to generate more points.

As crazy as it sounds, many would properly purchase it if it was real.

We hope you have a wonderful, fun, and funny April Fool’s Day this year. But again, it is meant for fun and not harm, so be courteous to your victims.

Update: check out the TOP 100 April Fools Pranks Collection.

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