Geeky Computer Mailbox


The huge screen and bulky hardware may be a thing of the past, but with as much email as we send/receive daily…snail mail is till around and doesn’t seem to quit. This computer mailbox is a great way for geeks to at leats bring the tech world into the old fashioned letter system.

The computer mailbox is not a major tower case and does provide any specs but is simply an old style screen with a dull white keyboard. On one hand it is old fashioned in itself to work with the regular paper mail, but on the other hand, it is an geek gadget that is a way to show there is a Geek living here.

This is a really cute concept, but is it worth $230? Heck, I could probably find an old type of these screen, cut the cord, break the glass and call it my own mailbox. Hmmm..that probably wouldn’t do anyone any good, but it is still a thought.

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Via: Nerdapproved